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Monsieur Guerlain is about a man's admiration for the famous French perfume house of Guerlain. Unaffiliated with the brand, I have a desire to share an accumulated knowledge about the art and science of Guerlain with other fragrance fans. However, Monsieur Guerlain would not have been the same without the invaluable input from all the Guerlain lovers who comment or send messages. 

About perfumes and scents · Art! · vintage beauty

The Osmothèque, the world’s only perfume archive

Perfumes are surely the most delicate and evanescent of all human creations. Yet they make a lasting impression on the memory. What do we do when perfumes are no longer found for sale? How do we find them again?

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Beauty is a thing of the past

      Beauty is a thing of the past | http://beautyisathingofthepast.blogspot.de/?m=1

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Shocking by Schiaparelli


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The Neiger Brothers Jewelry – Max und Norbert Neiger, Gablonz

...Neiger jewelry is characterized by beautiful Czech glass and lovely metal parts. Max designed the jewelry and the pieces were assembled by their workers. They also did not stamp their parts, but bought them from estamperies, or local metal crafting shops. This is one reason why identifying a true Neiger is so difficult....

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Bakelite and other early plastics http://www.elvenkrafte.com/